PicturesMaking a woman as elegant and beautiful as Gwyneth Paltrow look vulgar is no mean feat. But last week Hugo Boss managed it in spades, by sending the actress out onto the streets of Los Angeles in a black tuxedo jacket, slashed to the waist, with nothing at all underneath.

Presumably the stylist was going for something a bit wanton and pre-coital. In fact, poor Gwynnie just had the slightly confused, half-dressed air of a woman who has over-indulged a little at the roulette table and woken up in the wrong bed to find she’s lost not only her shirt but every last shred of self-respect.

On the other side of the world, reality TV star Kim Kardashian headed out in Paris in a bizarre cut-out dress that was not only hideously unflattering (doily chic?) but also made her breasts look like you could safely park a Boris Bike between…

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