Fifty Shades Of Me

“Good morning my dear brothers and sisters” the voice boomed and she thought, here we go again! Just what I need to worsen an already bad morning. She stared stoically at the windscreen and noted the Tyndall effect the early morning motions of passersby were creating on the glass.

The day had started uneventfully and promised to be like every other day, one huge yawn. The peal of the alarm coinciding with the cock crow were predictable and although she had been awake for about thirty minutes before that, she awaited the twin sounds with dread. The cheerful chant of the alarm went;

Life is nothing; is a nothing

Life is nothing but a slap in the face

Life is nothing; is nothing

Life is nothing but a fat rat race

It never failed to elicit a groan, accompanied by a grudging smile. Such an upbeat way to begin…

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