On 30th of June, 2016, at the Main Auditorium of the University of Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Chris Anyokwu latest play, The Far Country, presented by Theatre Centrik and directed by Toyin bandele, will be premiered, by 4 pm (to 6 pm) and 6pm (to 8 pm) prompt.

The play is a gripping parable on the signs of the times with a Kaleidoscope of the transgender revolution, corruption, identity theft, and the past that refuses to die.

With this new play, Dr. Christoper Anyokwu, a veteran scholar-writer making the best of both worlds, will be adding his voice again to the continuum called “the African tale” through the dramatic mode, in the tradition of Wole Soyinka, Femi Osofisan, Odia Ofeimun, Niyi Osundare, amongst others.

His recent collection of plays, Blood Lines, have been described as “a tribute to an ailing nation; a dramatization of the steps needed for the nation’s recovery”. We can’t wait to experience what offering this new imaginative output, The Far Country, will bring to the altar of creative writing.

Come and experience live theatre—total theatre!

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