Our News Room

The WORLD of Literature news channel ... get out updates on news affecting the Arts/Humanities!
The WORLD of Literature news channel … get our updates on news affecting the Arts/Humanities

Our TWOL team is poised to continue giving you news updates that keeps you abreast of events, happenings, and other activities around the world related to the Arts/Humanities.

To get our latest updates, click this link: https://twol101.wordpress.com/category/news-updates/

Get TWOL news updates!
Get TWOL news updates!

Our news reporters are experienced in the field of journalism and media communications. This page is intended to  serve not jost as a platform where you get links to TWOL news updates, but also get updates from other notable and credible news broadcasting sites. What this means is that we will continue to update this page to coincide with our latest updates, news apps, and lots more! Remember that our TWOL  team likes interaction, so we thereby encourage you to share your views on any news update you get from our stable. Enjoy!

TWOL news room
TWOL news room

We at TWOL believes in the sayings, “a tree cannot make a forest,” and “no man is an island”, so we also appreciate feedbacks that will help contribute to an improvement in the prosecution of our services. We will continue to do our best in bringing you factual news and not made up stories.


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